My Friend Snow

                         A bi-lingual play for 2 - 7 years

Written & Directed by Chris Elwell              
Designer - Alison Cartledge
Composer - Robert Lee

My Friend Snow is an enchanting medieval treasure trove of tunes and tones, textures and tinctures, featuring original music and design inspired by the middle ages - with a contemporary twist for today's audience.

As snow clouds gather around the castle turrets, Jape the Jester dreams of one day being as funny as his famous dad. But how can Jape live up to everyone's expectations? All seems hopeless until the most mysterious and extraordinary new friend appears, as if from nowhere. Together they discover that within every dark cloud there can be a silver lining.

The play is performed in fully integrated British Sign Language

Evening Herald

“This adventure story for the two-to-seven-year-olds, set in medieval times, has contemporary touches with a vegetarian dragon, a message about recycling and another advising that if you don't try, you won't achieve anything...

...There's a magical, beautifully lit set, colourful costumes, medieval-sounding music and fantastic animal masks. Hambi Pappas as Jape, Ben Neale as Wit and all the fabulous animals, and David Sands as Snow, who conveys all his dialogue by sign language, make the hour playing time flash by. A gorgeous treat for the little ones.”

Produced by and for Half Moon Young People’s Theatre

RNID Oneinseven Magazine  

“She - and we - settled down for 50 minutes of enchanting entertainment. Director Chris Elwell's play for 2 - 7 year-olds features enough tunes, tumbles and fantastical characters to thrill any child, with integrated sign language throughout. Within minutes our daughter was gesticulating wildly at the mysterious character 'Snow' (award-winning deaf actor David Sands) who befriends the sad and lonely Jape the Jester, who despairs of ever being as funny as his famous dad, Wit. Snow takes Jape on a flying journey to meet a variety of magical creatures who bolster his self-esteem and make him realise there is more to life than doing what's expected of you.”