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Time Out   January, 2007      Rating: 5 out of 6

“A multi-sensory production for two-to-six-year-olds, "Igloo Hullabaloo" is performed in fully-integrated British Sign Language and English...

...We are introduced to the cheeky Blue (signed by Arrowsmith), and her playful friend Big (Hughes), who live together in an igloo with baby Bairn (Anna-Maria Nabirye). Big attempts to encourage Blue to play with the infant, but she rejects the idea of a happy family and chooses to go on holiday instead.

Leaving behind her icy home, Blue travels to sunnier climes in a bid to make new friends. Arriving at a beach, Blue meets the selfish Blister, who refuses to share his food, and the egotistical Blow, who is far too busy to show her how to sail. Deciding instead to befriend the sea-side animals, Blue becomes pals with a large, orange baby crab who provides lessons on the meaning of companionship, and a portly baby seagull who teaches her how to fly, reminding us that "if we try together we can fly together". Finally equipped with more sophisticated social skills, Blue returns home and lovingly accepts the baby she once denied. In a moment of great intimacy, we watch the lights fade on Blue, as she sleeps with Bairn wrapped in her arms.

The audience of mainly deaf children sat quietly spellbound before the stage. At times, they danced to the gentle vibration of electronic music that pulsated throughout the theatre. "Igloo Hullabaloo" is a sensory journey of discovery that will have appeal for all children, and none should feel excluded.”

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  1. "Timbuktu? Peru? Honolulu? Corfu? Someone rescue me from this hullabaloo!"

Written & Directed by Chris Elwell              
Designer - Alison Cartledge
Composer - Robert Lee

Produced by and for Half Moon Young People’s Theatrehttp://www.halfmoon.org.uk/archive/halfmoonpreviousshows.htmlhttp://www.halfmoon.org.uk/archive/halfmoonpreviousshows.htmlhttp://www.halfmoon.org.uk/archive/halfmoonpreviousshows.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1
  1. Blue is fed up with the cold, the ice and the snow and dreams of sun, sea and surf. Anywhere that is not here and now. But be careful what you wish for Blue, as being far away from home might not be what you expect.

  1. Follow Blue's adventures swimming in an underwater paradise, riding the crashing waves and playing on golden sandy beaches. But is this all that Blue hopes for, or is there something missing from these wonderful new worlds?

  1. With magical transformations accompanied by the rhythms of electronic music, Igloo Hullabaloo is an enchanting adventure about belonging, for the very young.