A play of few words and oodles of imagination for 2 - 5 years

performed in integrated British Sign Language and English.

Where are you when cows bleat like sheep, pigs have wings and a horse lives in an apple tree? In Ash's colourful imaginary world.

Join Ash as he looks in holes, turns corners, and hops, skips and jumps over cracks. A world where things are not what they first seem and where you might even see a yellow dog.

Wrapped up in a continuous contemporary soundscape inspired by baroque music, Baa Moo Yellow Dog presents a fantastical world where the imagination runs riot and there are new friends around every corner.

Produced by and for Half Moon Young People’s Theatrehttp://www.halfmoon.org.uk/archive/halfmoonpreviousshows.html

Time Out

"This is a charming, simple show, uncluttered by long speeches or big ideas, where creative play become jaunty dance sequences to Robert Lee's evocative, articulate music. Baa Moo makes the little ones laugh at a world full of surprises"

What’s On Stage

“Alison Cartledge's set, with its vivid colours, is like the page of a pop-up book, where a series of subtle lighting changes add atmosphere and focus.

The final star of the show is undoubtedly Robert Lee's brilliantly conceived and executed contemporary baroque soundscape, subtle and sensuous at times and at others leading the performers to new delights like the tunes of a hidden Pied Piper.”

The Stage

The rhythmic sound track by Robert Lee deserves a special mention too. He uses a wide range of instruments, from harpsichord to bongo drums and viola to vocals with most of the melody inspired by, Bach. Each animal - the snail, the worm, the sheep and so on - has its own signature tune.

It’s highly effective.