What lies beneath.  Here is a suite of some of the tracks that I composed for Gobbledegook Theatre's Ear Trumpet, modified for armchair listening. 

Originally conceived and performed as part of the Without Walls festival, Ear Trumpet is a playful installation/performance in which the public is asked to help discover sonic phenomena that are emanating from the ground, with the aid of one of a plethora of scientific listening devices.  Ear Trumpet has toured to many festivals and is currently enjoying its second successful summer.

You can read my composer's notes HERE...

In response to a current project that the Half Moon Theatre is running, archiving images, music, interviews etc, I present a selection of my music from the shows for young children that  I have made with Chris Elwell, director of the Half Moon.

"The Half Moon Theatre was founded in 1972 in a disused synagogue in Aldgate and moved to an old Methodist chapel in Stepney, which was later refurbished into a state-of-the-art modern theatre. During this period, Half Moon was known for bold work, such as Berkoff’s Sink the Belgrano!, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!  and saw Frances de la Tour as a female Hamlet.

The company had, for its time, a radical ethos of inclusivity, involving local communities in the work. In 1989 the company went into voluntary liquidation, but Half Moon Young People’s Theatre established itself as a separate entity and still thrives today as the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company, with the local community at the heart of its ethos." 

While we're in the area of things for children, here's half of an audiobook that I made with the fabulous author Laurence Anholt and his daughter Maddy.  Laurence and his wife, Catherine Anholt, are a hugely successful writing and illustrating  team.  You may also recognise the Artists series books, such as Camille and the Sunflowers.

Over the last two years I have spent a LOT of time in my studio, making English language learning songs for BBCW and Cambridge University Press.   Spending so much time staring at a computer can get a bit discombobulating, so it's very nice to be able see the proof of the pudding sometimes...

The Rainbow Song's got one and a half million hits!

Actually, there is a whole section of this website dedicated exclusively to showcasing a few of my ELT songs.  HERE you can find pretty landscapes, and butterflies, and chirruping birds, and the moon, and some geese.  If all else fails you can sit back and enjoy the summery ambience.  Look out for the albatross at dawn.  He doesn't always come.

And now for something completely different.  This is my setting of the poem 'Comparison of Love to a Stream Falling from the Alps' (c.1538 ) by Thomas Wyatt The singer is the wonderful Lorna Rees, of Gobbledegook Theatre.

Here's a very small musical narrative, made possible by my lovely Tascam portable recorder that sadly broke soon after.  (It didn't get wet).  Storm In A Teacup.

And here's something silly and not clever that I did to pass the time whilst performing with Slightly Fat Features at The Great Yorkshire Fringe, last summer.  Where, I might nonchalantly add, we were awarded "Best Show" and dubbed with flat caps by none other than His Majesty Robert Baratheon (Game of Thrones) aka. the actor, Mark Addy.

Joe Dolce, Ronan Keating, and....

Moving on...I was lucky enough to be asked to perform at Showzam! Festival in Blackpool, last February, and so found the perfect excuse to do something that wasn't music, for a bit.

I made the Peeposcope...

With the insertion of an old English penny (and no other coin) provided by the usher, the Peeposcope is activated. The handle must then be turned for the film inside to play.  It stops if you do.

The Peeposcope is very versatile.  The footage shown can be with or without sound depending on the event and can be anything from stereoscopic 3d (Oculus Rift/Google Cardboard) to black and white silent movies (Georges Méliès) wedding montages, short contemporary art films, business advertising, and old curiosity footage of a location.  It's bespoke!  It's also very mobile (it has wheels!) and doesn't need plugging in.  It's rather fun.

I'm itching to take it out if you've got an event that would benefit...

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Copyright Laurence Anholt 2016

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Comparison of Love to a Stream Falling from the Alps

Storm In A Teacup.