So, Slightly Fat Features are performing in Canada for the whole of July at the Montreal Comedy's a little off-stage thing...makes me laugh...

HEY!!! We won an award: the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, 'Coup de Coeur'.   21 standing ovations in 21 shows!  We’ve also got a three week run in the mystical West End at Christmas...roll up for your tickets here...

Stained Glass Accidents Vol. 1

A gallery of slides that were made using sugar, pepper, glasspaint, feather, fur, straws, bubblewrap etc. then photographed. They were first shown with this music at one of the famous IF nights in Bridport. The music is by Walter Schuman.  Aside from this amazing music, Walter Schumann is responsible for possibly the best film soundtrack ever: Night of the Hunter

This is a set of piano pieces that I’ve written for people who consider themselves to be still learning, if that isn’t everyone.  Some were written for my pupils.  I’ve taken them quite fast here but they’re meant to work more slowly too.

I recorded this at Bridport Arts Centre on their fine grand piano - my favourite part of this recording is the sound of the Town Hall Bell pealing the hour.

Music for a Silent Film exists as a beautiful REAL A4 book, hand-bound by Dave Squirell and you can have one, instead of this nasty blurred video, for £14 including postage if you click this rude yellow lozenge.

...and a lost tomato.  I've been doing a lot of T.E.F.L. songs recently.

If you are in the mood to listen to something relatively - er - meditative, you can listen to the whole of my instrumental album, Music From A Wooden Room here on Soundcloud.

Well, that’s probably more than enough for one page.  There’s more on other other pages.  Click belooooow....

It's Late 
Somewhere in the Garden 
Tragic Bright Colours 
Longest Night 
5) 2024

While in Canada, among other things, I've been putting together recordings I have made for the Inside Out festival that takes place in Dorset in September. It's a kind of false history through music and found sound.  Here's something I recorded in St.Michael and all the Angels Church, Little Bredy, in June. It's oboe and viola, played by the fabulous Saunders siblings. This piece is called Valley of the Stones: Episode 4 - a 1970s Children's Drama that never happened.  I'm working with the wonderful Lorna Rees, of Gobbledegook Theatre.

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge once again that terrible irreversible tragedy is taking place all over this world, about which I'm doing next-to-nothing, and about which I can hardly bring myself to care.

At the end of May, I went to Germany with Ergo Phizmiz and performed his brand new piece, Hollywood - A Bestiary, on live national German radio.  You can watch it all below...

Valley of the stones episode 4