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Earlier this year I was asked to come up with music for a youth dance show of epic imaginings.  Here is some of that soundtrack, made for a big PA at the beginning of the universe.

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Here's something completely else. Some time ago I performed at a spoken word event and cheated somewhat by speaking into a vocoder and playing lots of video....rather than let it vanish into the ether as usual, I have put together this studio version...

If you want it full screen it's on Youtube.  I can't embed it because of the copyrighted material.

...headphones are recommended.

It's been a year for silent film soundtracks. I was asked, by b-side festival to put together a live score for an outside performance at Pennysylvania Castle on Portland, and so The Arranz Ensemble was born.  Our first film was the brilliant Steamboat Bill Jnr, by Buster Keaton.

Here are some clips from that first show recording. We performed on a windy cliff - suitable for a film about a hurricane.

Enjoy a liitle of the Keaton...

Then we got a taste for it, performing the Keaton again at The Lyric, Bridport, but this time supporting with some George Melies shorts:

Then I was asked to play at The Dukes, Lancaster, for Harold Lloyd's Safety Last .  Here's the only footage of that:

And so it goes on!  Our latest is Nosferatu 1922- with an atmospheric eclectro-acoustic soundtrack and welcoming the brilliant cellist, Ruth Wakefield, to the ensemble...

"For Halloween, the acclaimed Arranz Ensemble is playing their own newly composed score for this silent horror classic.

Expect to hear piano, oboe, sax, accordion, harp, percussion, organ and electronica from these talented multi-instrumentalists, as they weave an atmospheric spell around this Vampire masterpiece."

Next performance: Bridport Arts Centre 5th December 2019

...wrote this as a one for an interesting evening...

...and have you seen

...some tracks off my album Head for the light, which isn't famous enough...

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Thanks for listening and watching.  There's loads more of my stuff if you click on the hands below.  You lucky lucky person.