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The best way to describe George Orange as an absolutely lovable eccentric. A slack rope walker, clown and all round entertainer.


In his latest adventure we see George attempt a series of failed missions on the moon assisted by musician and collaborator Gareth Jones. Using George’s specially designed moon rig - a huge, unique alloy structure - the pair haplessly attempt their mission.

Created with a young audience in mind this piece was comic and creative. Seemingly plagued by bad luck in real life too, it was unclear which disasters were part of the performance and which were genuine mistakes. With live, daring circus tricks it’s a risk that is always present but the two worked through the kinks and still managed to deliver the laughs.

The music for this piece just as inventive as the concept. There was an incredible combination of live and pre-recorded music and inspired use of a loop pedal. The music added so much to this performance and offered something that parents could really appreciate whilst their kids got up and offered a helping, zero-gravity hand.  With possibly the most creative use of bin bags as a prop George found out what was on the other side of a black hole. And like all good stories the good guys complete their mission and perform some genuinely incredible physical feats along the way.

Once polished up a bit this is sure to be a big hit that could be performed in theatres, school halls and even outdoors. Mission: Success!

Performed by George Orange / Directed by Mathilde Lopez /  Collaborator and Musician: Gareth Jones / Composer: Robert Lee / Comedy Writer: Richard Garaghty / Pictures by Kirsten McTirnen Young Critic's Review -  Incubator Sharing 12 Chelsey Gillard Incubator Sharing 12 Weston Studio, WMC

3rd May 2012

Man on the Moon

George Orange

PLAY - 1000 Years of Solitude-Black Hole Crisis-Mission Successful-12mins

Moon Waltz

Muttering -you can play the track below at the same time!

Blue Sun