Bessie is a seven conference bicycle with a humungous extra amount of frame designed by Mark Perrot  and constructed by Mike Pattison.  She had a sound system in the back - lots of instruments at the front - and a steering wheel and hooter for our driver.

The Dorset Wind Gatherers  were:  Jonny Croose, Lorna Rees, Niki McCretton, Mark Parret , Tamsin Fessey, Lynne Forbes, Herbie Treehead, Wendy Petitdemange, and Robert LeeSarah Dicks designed the amazing costumes, with Southampton University students

You can read some responses to the main event here, here, and here.  See - it depends who you ask - and here are a couple of our tunes - and an old folky.

  1. © Robert Lee 2013


In the summer of 2012, performers from all over the place took part in an epic endeavour to celebrate the Olympic Opening in Weymouth. 

The Dorset Wind Gatherers trundled all over the county, collecting wind for the sailing boats - and arriving at Weymouth in time to take part in a mega-squabble between The Winds to see who would launch the events.   Every county in the West Country was represented - but Dorset was the best, of course.

Battle for the Winds

Weymouth Olympics 2012

They made up songs, they built a splendiferous contraption to get about on and to collect wind in.  They visited schools, town festivals - and brought confusion to quiet suburban streets. 

It's a shame they weren't collecting water - do you remember how much it rained that July?  Of course not!  Because by the time all the West Country Wind Gatherers had gathered in Weymouth, they had chased the clouds away - and the Olympic Festival  was spectacularly bright and sunny


Set the Breezes Free


Windy Old Weather (St.Mary's Bridport)