Here's an old-fashioned-post-modern-disco-classic number.  That's the kind of fantasy I've spent a lot of time chasing this last thirty years.  A room full of imaginary happy dancing intelligent non-existent people.  You can download it by clicking on Wittgenstein's forehead.

Welcome to Dib Dib Dub's 'other' pages.

Here's Robert Lee's latest....

Many artisans, traders and artists have been affected - some have lost everything.  The week before the fire, I had setup an electronic studio in one of the spaces there.  Luckily for me, I've been able to retrieve it all and everything's absolutely fine - even after pouring a couple of pints of water out of a brand new keyboard!

For others, who've been seriously affected, there is a fund.  I'm selling downloads of Music from a Wooden Room which is an album I made in St.Michael's.  ALL money will go to that fund - if you'd like to help, click on the album cover.

The Firefighters were great, by the way.  They made a human chain to rescue many valuable acoustic instruments from the burning building.  The picture below was taken on the morning after the fire.

Click HERE to listen to Music from a Wooden Room

Or click HERE to download Music from a Wooden Room for  £10 - all money goes to St.Michael's.

In other news... to celebrate the summer solstice this year Martin Maudsley (Storyteller) asked me to make some music for a new ceremony, near the Hardy Monument, Dorset, arranged by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  I played with Jane Saunders and Simon Hartung, both brilliant and responsive multi-instrumentalists.

The highlight for us was accompanying the rising of the sun on three large gongs...

If you click HERE you may find an article about the new structure that we were inaugurating.  The article credits the artist, Amanda Moore, who apparently designed it, although the interesting man (can't remember his name unfortunately) who did all the calculations for the placement of the structures in a very complicated landscape, doesn't get a mention.

He was there on the morning though, and very excited and relieved to see it work!

The Arranz Ensemble (Jane Saunders, Simon Hartung, Matt Hartnell and I) will be performing at Penn Castle on Portland in September for the b-side festival.  We will play a live soundtrack to Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jnr  Get yer tickets HERE!  I'm going to write for it.

In April I made a 17-minute "animation"  with Martha Moopette, for Bridport's Page-to-Screen festival. We called it Frankenstein Remade and it was shown at Bridport's Unitarian Chapel, late on Friday 13th, to celebrate two hundred years of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  It's a version of Dawley's 12-minute Frankenstein from 1910, which came out of Thomas Edison's film factory.

As you can hear if you press play, I accompanied our version live on the Chapel's characterful organ.

It's a bit creepy maybe, and very silly, and not utterly faithful to the original - although the weirdly disjunctive scene sequence is the same. We also used the same reverse-filming method as Dawley to simulate the creation of the monster.  Very hi-tech.  It actually means that the monster in this picture no longer exists.  I can't believe he's gone.

There's been a fire at St.Michael's Studios, Bridport.

So here I am pretending to be a coherent person once again.  The fact is, I've been all over the place recently and have been feeling very unproductive.   So there's a very odd collection of tracks on this page.  Kinds of impossible music.  Your patience is appreciated.

Here's a trio of pieces from The Fakeart Collective (doesn't exist) of a performance that took place at Fishpond Bottom on 23rd July 2018 (it didn't)

1. Homer Simpson in Siberia

2. The Lazy Jade

3. The Fussy Bitter Man

Here's what happens when an owl flies into a plate glass window -- the owl was fine -- a bit stunned.  What you see is some kind of residue.

My American Song


The title of my next song is a quote from a child talking about their crayon picture.

And below is a Cyanotype made by Anna Atkins around 1850.  Check out some more HERE...

Slightly Fat Features on a rare recent get-together

Tragic Bright Colours

This ringtone came to me in a can have it too by clicking on an annoying star...

Here's a song I love, Nightingale, from The Sometime and Forever Band.

The members are variously Spike Golding (who writes the songs) Anna Golding, Frankie Golding, Joseph Trudgeon, Jane Saunders and myself.  We don't play together too often, although a gig at Fanny's Meadow every year seems to be a fixture.  I came across this recording the other day and tidied it up a bit. 

Love Let You Down


Not Sorry - Instrumental

The Owl and the Pussycat

My Mum used to sing this to me - I wanted a toddler to hear it and couldn't find a not horrible version.

And finally two more tracks of mine that have been coming and going for at least 20 years..


I hear You (slow fade in)

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