Dave is the heart and soul of Up and Running: he finds all the best tunes - and has written some of them too.  He's very clever with his fingers - when he's not playing you'll usually find him at his printing press in Bridport, or maybe pruning a tree, as Dave is a renowned expert on types of British apples, of which there are hundreds!

Emma brings the fire and verve to Up and Running.  She'll play with a lilt to get you off your seat and the next minute she's one mean fiddler!   Emma can also hold her own in the classical sphere, but she seems happiest ripping it up in a pub session, or striding single-mindedly across the hills of Dorset and Devon!

Robert is the engine of Up and Running, bringing chords and driving rhythm on the guitar whilst at the same time playing the stompbox with his foot to give a deep and heartfelt rhythmic bass to the music when needed!  Robert spends his life writing recording and playing music and is a highly talented multi-instrumentalist.

Up and Running

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Joy is Up and Running's charismatic caller.  Your guests will soon find themselves up on their feet and having fun, with Joy to show them the moves!  While the band plays its irresistible jigs, polkas and waltzes, Joy's infectious charm and enthusiasm will reel everyone in!  When she's not with the band, you might find Joy running her own cafe in Bridport, or managing her own international container company - or sprinting a marathon or two!


Dave Squirrell, Mandolin

Emma McEvoy, Fiddle. Recorder

Robert Lee, Guitar, Stompbox

Joy Bariana, Caller