Up and Running are here to make your evening go with a swing!   We normally play for between two and three-and-a-half hours (with a break in the middle) and Joy, our charismatic caller, keeps a skillful eye on the evening, weaving jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes and instrumentals together into a night that you will never forget, giving guidance to the dancers, but never being bossy or officious!  Up and Running play the traditional folk-music of Ireland, Scotland and England on traditional instruments, and we love what we do!

Up and Running

Call Dave - 07857 208151

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Up and Running at the

Tithe Barn, Symondsbury, Dorset


We provide all our own equipment - and can make sure there are mics available for speeches, if that's useful to you.  We like to keep the atmosphere alive with prerecorded music before and sometimes after the dancing, and if you have some things of your own you'd like to play, we have the wherewithal to do that.  Just talk to Mr.Squirrell - that's Dave, the mandolin player.  We are based in Dorset and travel throughout the South-West - and Hampshire!

Up and Running at the

Poundbury Square Dance