The Waste Land

performed by Audrey Lee

soundscape by Robert Lee

  1. T.S.Eliot’s

  1. You can listen to the whole of this dramatic realisation of T.S.Eliot’s The Waste Land by using the player below.

  2. There is also a very good essay about Audrey Lee’s interpretation by the late Dr Hugo Donnelly, Senior Lecturer in English at University College, Chichester.

If you would like to own The Waste Land performed by Audrey Lee as a download or as a real CD you can do so by clicking below.

The Waste Land

performed by Audrey Lee

is a production of

Dib Dib Dub Studios

© 2008

Listen to Alec Guiness reading the poem
Read Dr.Hugh Donelly’s Essay
Download Dr.Donelly’s EssayT.S.Eliot_The_Waste_Land_Audrey_Lee_files/Lecture%20on%20Audrey%20Lee%27s%20Performance%20of%20The%20Wasteland.docT.S.Eliot_The_Waste_Land_Audrey_Lee_files/Lecture%20on%20Audrey%20Lee%27s%20Performance%20of%20The%20Wasteland.docT.S.Eliot_The_Waste_Land_Audrey_Lee_files/Lecture%20on%20Audrey%20Lee%27s%20Performance%20of%20The%20Wasteland_1.docshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

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