Ancient yogic mantras for health and healing

These ancient Sanskrit and Gurumuki mantras are accompanied by soulful and lyrical melodies that transform and uplift. The percussive rhythms take the listener on a mindful journey that uplifts yet soothes the soul, conveying a message of creativity and healing consciousness. Siri Sadhana Kaur’s rich vocal tones and harmonies are devotional and expressive, penetrating the senses whilst giving an experience of dynamic joyful connection.

This cd can be used to support meditation, yogic practice, healing massage, or to enhance any environment.

Sacred Nectar

Siri Sadhana Kaur


  2. BulletI just want to say your cd is absolutely beautiful. Listening to No. 6 brings me to tears, it's so moving !

  3. BulletMy partner really, really, loves your voice and wants to thank you personally for the cd. listened to it all day, if we didn't have neighbours to consider we would have kept it on during the night as well. So thank you'. (Antoinette Yoga teacher)

  4. BulletIt is rich, deep, funky and soulful and it has really re immersed me with the Shabad Guru. (Siri Arti Kaur, Yoga teacher)

  5. Bullet'I just love your CD, so glad I bought it'! (Lee Ann, Nia teacher)

  6. Bullet'Listening to your cd as i'm typing this - it is fantastic! You have a wonderful voice'!

  7. Bullet(Hanri, Nia teacher Cape town South Africa)

  8. Bullet'I just wanted to say that since receiving your CD I've listened to it a good few times and I think it is absolutely beautiful.

  9. BulletTruly, truly, truly wonderful. And different to all the other kundalini music out there. It kind of brings kundalini music up to date and by doing so makes it more accessible.

  10. Bullet'You look and sound just beautiful'. (Soiree Nicholson, Artist)

  11. Bullet'I love the CD and am amazed at your beautiful voice. Wow. I used it for Nia and will use it at our yoga studio this weekend.(Maria Contreras, Nia Teacher

  1. All tracks arranged/ written and produced by Siri Sadhana Kaur and Robert Lee.  Musicians: Jon Wygens, Afla Sackey, Aloka Nadjaa Sackey Collister, Robert Lee, Siri Sdhana Kaur.   Produced at

  2. Dib Dib Dub Studios, Bridport, UK.

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  1. 'A person can tune into totality of vibration using mantra. Vibrating rythym and breath can expand to vibration - as you vibrate, the universe vibrates with you...'

  2. Yogi Bhajan