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What’s 15 foot tall, 25 foot long and vegetarian? The dinosaurs in Herbie’s circus! They walk, they play, they jump – you won’t believe your eyes. All this plus a supporting cast of clowns, acrobats, aerial artistes, magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers and unicyclists. The most spectacular show on earth and one that’s sure to thrill the whole family.

Herbie Treehead’s Dinosaur Show

With ridiculous slapstick and life size a Triceratops in a Tu Tu! The Dinosaur Show is a Fun Packed Extravaganza which tours in a 21st century Big Top tent called a Saddlespan, which is designed so that everyone has the best seat in the house.

This show was performed to rapturous audiences at Easter 2005 and starred Herbie Treehead, Richard Geraghty, Matt Barnard, Ben Danger, with original recorded music by Robert Lee.

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

“Once again, Herbie will be putting on one of his amazing shows this year, the recreation of ‘Duria Antiquior’ with an underwater theme. Our intrepid frogman Herbie will be wrestling with full-size Plesiosaurs and getting tangled up in giant seaweed. In this project bringing together local schools, Herbie Treehead and Darrell Wakelam have created a three dimensional, animated street performance simulating life below the Jurassic Seas.“

Dinosaur Circus

This show played to over five thousand people at the old Odeon Cinema for the Edinburgh Festival 2004 and received fantastic reviews. (see below)

It starred Herbie Treehead, George Fuller,  Richard Geraghty, Natalie, Pete Dobbin, John Durham, and Robert Lee, who performed original live music throughout.

This show was so successful that in Spring 2005 the show reappeared in a huge Saddlespan tent in Brighton with a different format, namely: