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Written by Fred W. Leigh. Composed by Henry E. Pether.  Performed famously by Vesta Victoria.  Is this She?
Sung By John Pertwee, the third Doctor Who.  Check out this link for some comparisons!
On May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg Zeppelin carrying 61 crew, 36 passengers and 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen, exploded - there’s little concensus as to why.
This is Offra Dell Graham as recorded ‘in the field’ by Alan Lomax in 1937 for the American Library of Congress.
Texas Gladden as recorded ‘in the field’ by Alan Lomax in 1937 etc.
This is David  Attenborough from the B.B.C. -  considering the theory that we closely share the developmental heritage of aquatic mammals...!
What a song!  It was written by Paul Phillips and Pete Zorn and hit the British Charts 1979.
Sung by Tino Rossi - by Kirchstein and Poterat.  I recorded this on an ol ‘ Beltona and have left the sounds of the gramophone for geek interest.
Princess Diana died August 31st 1997.  Tony Blair had just come to power.
Schwartzeneggar - Take your Elbows off the table 1995.  Here is a link to a video of a live version.
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